2024 Cherry Blossom

2024 ISSCC

2024 Commencement

2023 Winter MT

Changmin & Yuchan’s undergraduate research poster

2023 IEEE Sensors

2023 Fall in campus

2023 DAC in San Francisco

HyeonJun &  SungJin’s undergraduate research poster

2023 Teacher’s day

2023 ISSCC review

2023 Cherry blossom

2023 ISSCC

Hyogyoung’s Graduation

2022 Winter Team Building

2022 반도체공학회 종합 학술대회



Hyogyoung’s undergraduate research poster

Late celebration of the professor’s graduation


Fall in Love

Night Running at UNIST


IEEE SSCS Pre-doctoral Achievement Award Winner at ISSCC

Presentation at ISSCC, CA, USA

At Qualcomm, inc., CA, USA